A220 Cabin Concept

A New Vision for Corporate Jet Cabins

“Imagine a custom aircraft cabin that breaks the conventional mold, offering spacious areas to relax, dine, collaborate and rest, that welcomes you and your guests into an atmosphere reflecting your own personal style. Now, integrate this cabin into a clean-sheet narrow body airliner with new generation, fuel-efficient engines, lightweight structures and state-of-the-art flight deck technologies.”

This is our vision of the perfect Airbus A220 corporate jet cabin.

Offering cabin floorspace and volume equivalent to Airbus’ ACJ319 Neo and Boeing’s BBJ Max7, the Airbus A220 integrates leading-edge technologies and safety features equal or superior to the latest generation business jets.

Three market-leading companies, Camber Aviation Management, Kestrel Aviation Management and Pierrejean Vision recognized an opportunity to pool their knowledge and partnered to craft a distinctive corporate jet cabin solution. For 20 years, we have created and delivered numerous narrow- and wide-body Airbus and Boeing VIP aircraft for our elite international clientele.

Guest Lounge Buffet – Providing Refreshments for Guests

Our extensive research of the market identified key features desired in a new design which include:

1. Customized luxury in a spacious cabin capable of seating of 10 – 32 passengers with an elegant modular, configurable layout to suit the different requirements of private and corporate owners, heads of state and charter operators.

2. Range capability at max payload that covers 90% of the missions operated by current large cabin aircraft, including key transatlantic, Middle East to Europe and intra-Asia missions.

3. Exceptional global communications with a wide range of entertainment options that rival or exceed amenities enjoyed by customers in their homes, while being at least 20% less expensive to own and operate compared to direct competitors.

Media Lounge – Incredible 75 Inch 4K Monitor with Dolby™ Surround Sound

To lead this market segment, the original team collaborated with two world-class companies, F/List and Flying Colours Corporation to refine the detail design and perform engineering studies. F/List was chosen for their unique skills in building exceptional VIP jet cabin interiors while Flying Colours was selected for their extensive engineering and cabin integration skills.

The team’s novel customisable design centers on a unique seven-zone cabin comprised of three fixed and four variable zones. The fixed zones include a common entry and galley, mid-cabin VIP Lavatory and an extraordinary master suite with ensuite washroom featuring a unique steam shower.

Spacious Private Suite with Ensuite Washroom Featuring a Steam Shower

Customization is key in our industry-leading approach allowing every buyer to select different configurations for the multiple flexible zones, creating their own unique layout that precisely reflects their expectations.

The new owner who desires a cozy forward cabin to relax, a spacious lounge that converts to a dining room with a convertible table design, a bespoke media lounge with a massive 75-inch screen with tuned Dolby surround sound, and an expansive private office or children’s bedroom will get what they want. Even greater personalization is achieved by applying the client’s preferred colour pallet, materials and finishes to create a truly one-of-a-kind cabin design.

A220 Cabin Concept Cutaway Featuring Spacious Layout

Our seven-zone modular concept cabin design is the direct result of our team’s collaboration, proprietary processes and out-of-the-box thinking. We achieved our design goal to significantly reduce manufacturing and certification costs ‐ essential in achieving the right price point in the market while providing a bespoke and highly capable aircraft.

Latest technologies have allowed the team to create a cabin design that combines functionality and aesthetics with reliability and ease of maintenance – a combination that cannot be easily realized for one-off “prototype” designs in legacy ACJ and BBJ aircraft.

A detailed design rather than a marketing concept, perhaps, but one that provides great insight of what this team is capable of in corporate jet cabin innovation.

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