Building Your Jet

Building Your Jet

The complex challenge of transforming a “green” production aircraft with an empty cabin into a bespoke corporate jet that meets the owner’s operational requirements and cabin experience expectations can only be met by an exceptional completion management team.

Camber’s specialists visit the aircraft during production to ensure it is correctly built and complies with its specification. We inspect the aircraft, thoroughly review the manufacturer’s production documentation, observe ground testing and participate in the acceptance flight tests. Quality or performance shortfalls are documented and communicated to the manufacturer for correction prior to green aircraft technical acceptance. Once all issues are resolved we assist the owner to ensure a smooth delivery process.

In parallel, our team works with the completion centre to ensure the approved design is translated into engineering drawings that reflect design while fulfilling the defined quality, functionality and maintainability standards of the cabin and its systems. We review engineering drawings, participate in design reviews and confirm compliance with the contracted specification to be certain the centre is fully prepared for aircraft arrival.

As experienced maintainers of large corporate jets, we place a special emphasis on designing for reliability and, if a component should fail, to ensure that it can be quickly removed, replaced and tested to minimise a potential delay. This takes an inherent understanding of engineering and maintenance but also an appreciation of functionality and cabin aesthetics.

Following delivery, the aircraft is ferried to the completion centre. Camber’s experts are on-site throughout the completion, performing critical inspections, confirming cabin parts and monuments meet specification and finish quality, protecting owner interests and ensuring that inevitable issues are efficiently resolved. We work with the centre to correctly sequence critical modifications, that are released by the aircraft, engine and component manufacturers, into the completion process.

Camber uses its unique proprietary processes and custom software to identify issues, track and ensure their timely closure to simplify the test, certification and delivery process.

A green aircraft refers to a newly built aircraft without a cabin or exterior livery. The term green refers to the colour of the primer applied to the aircraft exterior to protect it during the completion process.


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