Maintenance and Modification Oversight

Maintenance and Modification Oversight

Your aircraft must undergo periodic maintenance to remain airworthy.

Scheduled aircraft maintenance consists of short interval “light” checks with minimal downtime and longer interval “heavy” checks that often require a substantial visit to a qualified maintenance provider. Occasionally, modifications called Airworthiness Directives are mandated by the authorities to ensure continued safe operation of the aircraft.

Each aircraft requires specific heavy maintenance checks to be performed, which require in-depth structural inspections, often involving removal of the cabin, refurbishment of major components and complex system checks. These heavy checks, if well-planned, are an excellent opportunity to upgrade cabin systems, install performance improving modifications and address wear/damage in the cabin, without extending the downtime.

The Camber team has the knowledge and first-hand experience necessary to develop maintenance work scopes that are efficient and can negotiate with well-respected maintenance providers to perform the work package with minimal downtime at a fair price.

One of our experts will oversee your aircraft’s maintenance event to ensure the issues are quickly addressed, quality standards are upheld and the program stays on schedule and budget.


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