Sky Conductors and Why You Need Them?

Enjoying the wonderful harmony of an orchestra is one of the world’s most extraordinary experiences

The symphony of sounds combined into divine arias and overtures is a complex mixture of talent, skill and practice. The perfection of the performance resides with the sophisticated coordination of details that lays in the hands of one true eclectic Maestro – the Conductor.

Imagine that you have decided to buy a private jet. Whether it’s a new or pre-owned aircraft, you are about to embark on a torrent of details.  The world of rules and regulations before you can even think of flying.  While you may enjoy the sounds of a band with an average conductor, you will find owning a private jet, like an orchestra, is experiencing  ebullience, courtesy of a real master Sky Conductor – your Completion Manager.

Who is this Completion Manager and why are they crucial for your private jet experience?

They look after the details of making your vision of the perfect corporate jet a reality.  Let us start by defining completion management. The term refers to a complex process involving the definition, design, auditing and technical oversight of an aircraft interior that is transformed into an exceptionally well designed and comfortable cabin reflecting the owner’s style and needs.  The Sky Conductor sees the future and orchestrates time, talent and tools to a perfect crescendo.

Rarely is an aircraft owner an expert in the outfitting or completion of a private jet.  Instead, the owner has a vision of how the finished aircraft should look, both from the outside and in the cabin. An experienced Completion Manager provides the critical insight and guidance to ensure the finished aircraft is delivered with exceptional quality, on-budget and on-time. Working with a singular goal to realise the purest outcome, the  manager is not an aircraft broker, but independent and unencumbered to allow objective decisions to be made on supplier capability, credibility and cost.

The Completion Manager is a client’s trusted advisor, overseeing the entire aircraft completion from initial cabin definition to final delivery, ensuring that the completed aircraft meets all of the client’s expectations. The completion management team guides the process from designer selection and definition of the unique cabin layout, through to systems definition, engineering, fabrication, outfitting and certification. Throughout cabin outfitting, a team member is on-site observing and performing inspections, identifying issues and finding solutions together with the completion centre to ensure that the owner’s expectations are met. Once the aircraft is finished, a Completion Manager has the expertise to ensure that aircraft acceptance from final system checks and flight testing through to detailed cabin and paint inspections is flawless. 

The Completion Manager is the owner’s Sky Conductor, orchestrating the entire process of outfitting an aircraft, tuning the design and optimising the flow to create a masterpiece. 

Cue the Orchestra

Owning a private jet creates a new stage of opportunities to elevate your entire life experience. To enjoy that experience, your “flying orchestra” needs a true maestro who can wield the baton and use it with knowledge and with a full-time commitment. Here at Camber, we are professional Completion Managers that will share our expertise and guide your private jet completion to a perfect finish.