Trusted Advisors

we  offer a bespoke aircraft service  tailored to each client’s individual needs.

We are your trusted advisors

Deciding whether to upgrade or replace your current aircraft requires a thorough and objective technical assessment. Our team’s aircraft inspection expertise combined with our cabin completion knowledge allows us to quickly provide an answer to questions that owners may have.

Few operators have the in-house capabilities to enhance their aircraft’s maintenance program on their own. However, this is necessary to increase reliability, reduce downtime, and cut extra costs. Camber’s custom programs tackle the challenge of maintenance program optimisation while safeguarding the project from any budget overlap.

Owners need an objective analysis of mandated avionics upgrades to find the most cost-effective solutions. Camber uses its knowledge to provide recommendations tailored to the owner’s specific aircraft and operation.

We also assist clients in developing new exterior livery designs by selecting the best paint facilities to perform the work and managing the entire process.

Camber is trusted by our clients to provide a wide array of advisory services, including:

  • Performing technical assessments and detailed document reviews of candidate aircraft for purchase
  • Providing guidance on the technical and operational aspects related to the purchase, lease or sale of an aircraft
  • Developing and overseeing heavy maintenance work packages for client aircraft
  • Creating effective Aircraft Maintenance Programs that increase aircraft availability and reliability to fit an  owners’ unique operation
  • Performing  detailed reviews of aircraft management and maintenance invoicing
  • Analysing operating practices aimed at improving efficiency and reliability while reducing cost

Camber’s specialists understand aircraft inside and out. So we can provide professional solutions specifically designed to fit your needs.