Aircraft Reactivation Services

We can prepare your aircraft for prolonged parking and manage the reactivation process.

We are experts at performing aircraft reactivation, discreetly and professionally, wherever the aircraft is located.

Travel restrictions, business constraints, or personal reasons may force an owner to park their aircraft for an extended period of time. If planned properly and in advance, an aircraft can be placed into short- or long-term storage where it can safely wait until it’s time to fly again.

We can ensure a low-risk and low-cost reactivation process

Owners who park their aircraft without adequate preparation, risk a time-consuming and often expensive process to prepare their aircraft for safe flight again.
The time your jet will be stored determines the preventative maintenance that must be performed to maintain its systems and appearance while inactive. It also takes significant time, effort, and money to prepare the aircraft for flight once it comes out of storage. A well-planned storage program ensures a low-risk and low-cost reactivation process.

Camber has developed and managed effective storage programs that ensure aircraft are well cared for when they aren’t being used.
We manage the storage program, oversee all periodic checks and, when the owner is ready to fly again, supervise the reactivation and test flights to make certain the aircraft is fully capable once again.

You can rely on Camber to efficiently reactivate your aircraft after a period of prolonged parking.