New Build Jet Management

Building a customised private jet is a major investment and long-term endeavour. It is essential that the right team is selected for your specific needs. Camber provides guidance, advice and management throughout all stages of the project. We begin by listening to understand your needs and expectations, while also explaining the critical aspects of outfitting and operating a large private or corporate jet. Camber excels in several key areas in the development of a new-aircraft conversion:

Market Knowledge

Camber’s years of first-hand experience managing conversions at the world’s most respected completion centres, empowers us to help clients make informed decisions concerning the design house and completion centre bidding and selection.

The Essential Link

Camber acts as a link between the owner and the completion centre, designers, engineering team, suppliers, and regulatory authorities. We ensure that the owner’s requirements are met and their interests protected.

Aircraft Expertise

Our team’s in-depth knowledge in managing aircraft negotiations and experience maintaining/operating large, bespoke aircraft assists in the initial design concepts and throughout the project.

Technical Insight

Our complete understanding of the necessary components of aircraft design is applied to cabin layout and systems selections. We guide the development of a detailed technical specification, which is essential to the creation of a beautiful, intuitive, and functional cabin.



Making the decision to customise a large private aircraft, whether it be for private, corporate or head-of-state use, is just the first step in creating an aircraft worthy of transporting VIP passengers. You will soon understand that this decision will take you on a journey through complex and intricate processes.
You’ll need expert assistance.
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