Colin Chatfield

Aviation Photographer

Colin’s inspiration for aviation photography came naturally, having the opportunity to fly in several aircraft types with his father at an early age, with his camera in hand. His most recent work includes EBACE, and a new delivered Boeing business jet. In addition, a background in automotive photography ensures that projects are delivered on time, consistently surpassing clients’ expectations.

Colin’s passion for photography started on his 13th birthday and has grown from strength to strength ever since. With a trained eye in subject placement, he’s able to breathe life into even the most stagnant scenes. He wants his work to make the viewer feel something, no matter what the subject is. Finding beauty in everyday objects has sharpened his photographic intuition, teaching him to take his time and plan out each scene. Close attention to detail is critical in his success, as without it the final product feels incomplete.

Colin would spend hours on end walking around the rainy streets of Vancouver, capturing anything that caught his attention. From mastering panning shots of cars, long exposure cityscapes, and reflections, chasing his passion around the city he grew up in will always have a place in his heart. After all, that’s where it all started.

Colin shares his work enthusiastically, always looking to see how people perceive his photos. When he’s not working with clients or on assignment, he can be found in the garage tinkering on his cars. 

Tina Szylowski