CJI Quarterly: Cabin Completions – Making a home away from home.

Camber Aviation Management CEO Tom Chatfield is featured in the latest issue of Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly (CJIQ Q1 2022) – In his article on Cabin Completions, Yuvan Kumar looks at what it takes to make today’s Business jets feel as luxurious as a floating home in the sky.

IT STARTS WITH a blank canvas; a bare slate offering endless possibilities. That is the transformative power at the fingertips of interior designers and completions teams. Think of all the VVIP business jet interiors you have ever seen. They all started like this – as green aircraft fresh from the manufacturer. Then, through a process of design and deliberation, the cabin’s contents are sourced, assembled and laid out.

Read the full article on Cabin Completions in the latest issue of Corporate Jet Investor Q1-22.

The more time we invest at the beginning of the project understanding what the client wants, the more successful the project will be – Tom Chatfield