All You Need to Know About Private Jet Communication

Communication – The Human Connection – Is The Key to Personal and Career Success. Here is all you need to know about private jet communication systems and why they are essential.

If you could have only ONE thing on your private jet, what would it be? Some of you may be thinking that a comfortable seat is absolutely essential, others might swear that a galley to prepare your favourite foods is the most important thing. However, there is a correct answer to this question. If you could have only one thing on your private jet, it should be a strong communication system.

Regardless of your age or profession, communication is a vital part of life. A private aircraft without fast and reliable cabin communications is not an aircraft that can fulfill the needs of the aircraft owner. Fortunately, there is a wide array of choices for new technology, services, and providers that will ensure your jet cabin has outstanding communication systems.    

We live during a time when you can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, almost instantly. The internet has allowed us to make international calls, video chat with friends, host online meetings, and stream our favorite movies and music. This is a luxury we have come to expect almost everywhere on the ground. Increasingly, people are also expecting strong and reliable internet connections in the air. There are many options to help private aircraft meet these new expectations, including: varying degrees of bandwidth from satellite networks, air-to-ground services, large coverage areas, high security levels, and equipment like terminals, antennas, routers and wireless access points.

No Connectivity? Not an Option.

Perhaps you are already the proud owner of a capable, but seasoned aircraft. If you are considering continuing to use your aircraft, you may soon struggle to do so effectively without a modern communication system. And if you are thinking of selling it, you may find it difficult to find a buyer who wants an aircraft without internet connectivity capabilities.

Air travel is evolving quickly and the ability to download email attachments and stream videos is now considered the bare minimum for in-flight internet services. Because many CEOs are working with multi-site video conferencing in their office, they are likely to want to continue to do this from their aircraft as well. Luckily, in-air communication capabilities are expanding rapidly, especially with worldwide satellite communications’ voice, data and text services. They use the latest generation of communication technologies which employ “Ka” and “Ku” satellite frequency bands. This makes it possible to achieve a larger bandwidth with a higher data transfer rate, faster speeds, and better performance overall.

Outstanding Security Standards

Ensuring your jet’s communication systems are secure should be a top priority.  Major internet service providers typically have good security measures in place. For example, all links from your jet to the ground are encrypted. However, some clients also decide to use their own VPN and many government aircraft run full grade military spec. encryption. There are even services that block aircraft registration numbers, call signs, and flight numbers from public display. Any measures employed to secure your communication systems on the ground should also be applied to your airborne communications. This should include data encryption, secured tunneling, dedicated line services and, potentially, other security aspects that your IT team would find appropriate.

Work Hard, Play Hard

With a good internet connection inside of your jet, you’ll be able to complete all of your business responsibilities while also managing your personal life. One new technology that many CEOs have found helpful is video camera tracking, in which the camera can identify and zoom in on the person speaking. This feature can be useful for in-flight meetings when several people are sitting around the conference table. You should also have active noise canceling headphones (with audiophile sound quality) in case you need privacy for an important call or just a moment to relax. Upgrading your in-flight entertainment services with streaming providers is also possible to bring the latest content to your private jet. While long-haul flights can be great for meetings, they can also be your time to relax with a large screen, comfortable seats, and movies you can enjoy at 35,000 feet in the air.

Aircraft internet connectivity systems are widely available these days and can be adapted to be installed in older technology aircraft. Just by installing these new technologies into an older aircraft, you can transform it into a modern jet. And remember, whether you plan to use your aircraft for years to come or plan to sell it soon, installing the latest connectivity technology will certainly make your life easier.