Are You Ready to Become a Private Jet Owner?

How can you tell if you’re ready to become a private jet owner? For some people, it may be as easy as simply saying YES and then setting the process in motion. For others, the decision may not be quite so simple. Owning a private jet is not an easy decision, but we’re here to help.

When it comes to owning a private jet, it’s practically like deciding to own a car, a limousine with your personal driver, or even a bicycle. In each case, you need a good checklist and professional advice to ensure you make the right decisions. Here’s our quintessential 5 YES/NO Jet Owner Checklist. Give it a try and see where you are with this idea.

Question 1: Do You Have Real Travel Needs?

Let’s start with the basics. If your annual flying needs don’t surpass 150-200 hours, you’re probably best served using a combination of business jet charter and commercial airline services. But if you are close to these values and are planning to increase the amount you travel, remember that jet ownership brings you unmatched flexibility and personalisation, both privately and for business, and possibly at a lower total cost.

Question 2: Can You Afford One?

If you are reading this article, you probably think you can afford this grand investment. But, are you confident that you fully understand the costs, especially once your new jet has been put into service? The cost of a brand-new private jet ranges from $3 million to $100+ million, depending on your requirements and preferences.

Another option is to purchase and customise a pre-owned jet for millions less, while being able to customise the cabin to exactly match your sense of style and requirements. Done right, a refurbished pre-owned corporate jet is difficult to differentiate from a new one. Of course, jet ownership costs don’t end here, but that’s another topic. So, while you may be able to afford a private jet, but probably the smartest thing you can do is find expert help to guide you through the process, saving you time, money and energy.   

Question 3: Are You Tired of Commercial Flights?

No matter the quality of first-class seats and cabin service, airline travel requires patience, time and your ability to accept delays, inflexible schedules and the lack of choice on who you will be sitting with. It is what it is.

A private aircraft solves all these issues. Jet owners fly when it is convenient for them. Privacy, comfort, and flexibility are distinct benefits that tip the scale on every jet ownership decision.

Question 4: Do You Need More Safety When You Travel?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has become more challenging than ever in our society. Travelling by private jet means knowing each of the passengers you’re travelling with, having greater space in the cabin, direct flights and arriving or departing at smaller, less busy airports.  An attractive alternative to commercial travel.

Question 5: Are You Ready to Enhance Your Life Experience?

Private Jet is the ultimate take on your time management. Spending time with the people you care about while taking your business to the next level at the same time, demands something more than average. Private jet owners are exactly like that, more than average.

Let’s See How You Did:

5 YES – Your jet is ready when you are. Now’s the time to start the process!   
4 YES – Almost there. Until you collect the final YES, feel free to explore the jet market.
3 YES – You are in the middle of the road. Choose your path and follow it.
2 YES – A private jet is a great responsibility. For now, you are best served with business jet charters and the world’s best airlines.
1 YES – Manage your flights and time smartly and you will still achieve everything you need.
0 YES – Don’t waste your time on more articles like this one.

Back to Top – Are You Ready to Become a Private Jet Owner?

The bottom line is, whenever you are really ready for this big step, bear in mind that deciding to own is one thing and owning a jet is another. Camber Aviation Management guides first-time-jet-buyers (and experienced buyers too) avoid costly mistakes from choosing the right aircraft to managing the upgrades and cabin outfitting to ensure that your jet matches exactly your requirements and expectations. Camber isn’t a broker but rather a team of experts that have operated, maintained and managed private jets all over the world for our private, corporate and head of state clients.  We know the business and are ready to provide professional guidance to assist you in becoming a private jet owner.

Owning a jet can be one of the best experiences in your life, but only if you surround yourself with the utmost professionals to guide you through it.