Camber Aviation Pandemic Recovery Guide

The pandemic has allowed us to take a step back, examine and optimise our business model to focus exclusively on what we do best – guiding our clients as their trusted advisor through the complex process of outfitting or refurbishing their corporate jet. Camber doesn’t offer brokerage services. We are not linked to a specific designer or completion centre, so we are completely independent, which allows us to provide objective and unbiased guidance for our private, corporate and head of state clients.

From my point of view, as the CEO of Camber Aviation Management, the business aviation industry has begun the process of recovery and will  become an integral  part of of the day-to-day business for many industries. With airlines’ reduced networks combined with the challenges of social distancing, companies are seeking safe and efficient travel for their management, technical and sales teams that only business aviation can offer. It has been proven, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, that flying privately is a remarkably safer and more efficient way of travelling. As for Camber Aviation Management, I am very pleased to see that our objectivity and positive client-centric philosophy is being welcomed in the industry and that  business is growing.

We have been closely observing the market and have identified underserved niche opportunities within our industry. One of the most interesting lies in the refurbishment of ACJ and BBJ aircraft, where the asset has been depreciated but the aircraft continues to be more than capable of offering many years of excellent service to its owner.  We see tremendous  potential to guide owners through the updating of their cabins to enhance passenger comfort, update furnishings and upgrade communication, entertainment and galley systems to reflect technological improvements over the past 10 – 15 years, in a very cost-effective way. Refurbishing these aircraft takes significantly less time and costs a fraction of the price of purchasing and outfitting a new aircraft.  With a fresh livery and new interior, it is difficult to differentiate a well-executed refurbished aircraft from a newly outfitted one – important points to consider for the owners  contemplating replacing their current jet.

Camber will manage the complete project – whether it is a new aircraft completion or a complex refurbishment – from the first spark of an idea to the delivery of the finished masterpiece. Our team will focus on finished product quality, functionality and reliability while ensuring budget and schedule adherence.

During COVID-19, we have invested and developed proprietary software allowing our experts to effectively capture, track and resolve issues from the initial design stage right through to aircraft acceptance, all while keeping our client abreast of the project. The software called “Streamline” dramatically increases efficiency of reporting, tracking and closing issues, leading to even higher quality of the finished aircraft. Our new Streamline software and processes have already been implemented into the first project with very positive results.

Our team considers innovation to be the cornerstone of our business, not only in the cabin completion and refurbishment processes we manage,  but also in our efforts to contribute to the industry’s development. Camber has recently embarked on a strategy of assisting first-time and established owners by publishing insightful articles and providing interviews on aircraft completions, refurbishments and corporate jet care. We find it important to educate the market on the significance and benefits that our services bring.