The Best Private Jet is the One with a Shower

Sitting in your seat on your private jet in the same position for 10+ hours leads you to perspire over and over again. Long-haul flights can send your body temperature up if you are not properly prepared for it. You have your lip balm, moisturizing cream, wet wipes and you are drinking your third bottle of water, but still nothing. In that clammy frustrating moment, you would probably do almost anything for a nice relaxing shower. If you are sitting in a larger private jet, there is a good chance you can indulge yourself in this treat.

Shower on Demand

Humidity at high altitudes is very low and creates almost desert-like conditions in an aircraft cabin. The humidity rate in your office or home is between 30% and 60%, but an aircraft cabin can have 5% or less humidity. Long-haul flights are especially challenging. This situation can affect the human body in several ways. That’s why humidity is one of the issues that has long been addressed in the private jet. Air humidifiers have been installed into aircraft cabins in recent years to increase comfort and reduce fatigue and now showers are in constant demand in private jets. Many private jet owners only travel with large cabin aircraft for this very reason, stating that a shower is a must-have feature for them.  New business jets such as the Global 7500 and Gulfstream G600 offer a stand-up shower as an option. 

The Luxury Symbol

When it comes to luxury and splendour, an image of Hollywood stars and business moguls returning from their holidays on a private jet always crosses the mind. But a glimpse behind the curtain can reveal that many of these private jets have small cabins and a tiny washroom. Often the space so tight that a person can only hope for a fast stop in the FBO for refreshment. Imagine your favourite star crouching and bending for a quick freshen up. Not so luxurious looking anymore, is it?
Only larger private jets give you the space necessary to fit in a real washroom and so enjoy the full luxury of owning the plane. But even then, installing a shower is a challenge to be reckoned with and requires a lot of skill.

How to Properly Set Up the Airborne Bathroom

All aircraft can fly, but not all of them have the space for a comfortable washroom. So far, Camber has overseen the fabrication and installation of over 20 custom private jet washrooms from simple and functional to extravagant with stone finishes, heated wood floors, double sink vanities, full-length mirrors and large showers.  We have even overseen the installation of a beautiful make-up table with indirect lighting in the private suite.
Camber’s experts first task is to understand our client’s vision for their jet’s washroom. Depending on client’s expectations, we can even go further, beyond a simple shower to include a steam room or even a real hammam. These possibilities are available, and together with our clients, our task is to find out what kind of bathroom they wish to have on their flights.
Once decided, we work closely with the designer and engineers to create  an attractive 3D design that meets all aircraft safety regulations. We manage the process of fabrication, installation and certification of this custom-built solution. This includes the prevention of every possible moisture leak. Our jet washrooms must be comfortable and warm, and we achieve this with a heated floor made of special stone or wood veneers. Safety features include an attractive non-slip waterproof teakwood floor and grip handles. The waterproof door is made from glass and locks in place. A bigger shower room can be made for two persons. This extra space gives us the opportunity to transform the shower into a steam room. We achieve this by installing a custom steam generator and a carbon fiber bench wrapped with marble veneer. You can add essential oils to relax and enjoy the soft lit ambience and music from the waterproof surround-sound speakers.

The Real Luxury

Luxury is having the simple convenience of a shower and a relaxing steam bath on your business or private flights. Forget about chilled champagne bottles, a state-of-the-art media centre or a fancy conference room on your jet. The epitome of real luxury is a picture of you having a refreshing  shower during your flight and saying: “Hey Siri, play me Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen!”