The Completion Manager is Not Enough! A Private Jet Owner Deserves More

A one-of-a-kind private jet that meets your needs and reflects your aspirations requires bespoke solutions. Camber Aviation Management’s experts have created a tailored package that delivers above and beyond standard completion management services – the Streamline Method™. Camber has built a bridge connecting private jet clients to a robust aircraft selection and outfitting process focused on delivering exactly the aircraft you envision.

It requires a series of complex actions to create your ideal private jet. All steps, from identifying the right type of aircraft for you to green aircraft acceptance, cabin design, engineering, outfitting, certification and entry into service used to be done individually. Complete solutions were unavailable, for new and experienced jet owners alike – until now.

The typical completion manager can be very useful, but as good as they are, they have limitations. This lack of continuity can cost you time, money and enjoyment. In order to develop the best possible tailored aircraft solution, Camber’s Streamline Method™ is the only process of its kind that fully integrates objective, insightful guidance from your initial idea of a private jet to your first flight in it.

Camber’s team of corporate jet experts leveraged their first-hand knowledge and our philosophy of continuous improvement to develop this methodology ensuring best-practices are applied to each project. This assures extraordinary results.

Each team member has demonstrated their expertise in corporate aviation for at least fifteen years and holds an aircraft maintenance engineer licence and/or an advanced aviation degree. They have over a century of combined aviation experience and represent one of the most capable teams on the market today.

Together they have come up with a simple, proven and exceptionally effective approach that delights our private, corporate and head-of-state clients. Camber’s methodology resides in its robust 6-stage process that guarantees truly exceptional results.

1. Understanding Your Vision

We give you our time. We need to understand your vision, your needs and expectations of your perfect private jet. It all begins with listening. Important questions extract essential information like a conductor coaxes the best performances from talented musicians. What do you dream of? When you envision travel, what is paramount for you? Your prerequisite performance, dining, entertainment and communications desires guide us. Camber has the knowledge and experience to deliver exactly the private jet you envision.
You dream. We’ll take care of the details.

2. Introducing a Wealth of Choices

Only after we truly understand your expectations, does Camber perform its meticulous research, preparing a detailed market survey of candidate aircraft for you. We consider the right aircraft type, whether new or pre-owned, its capabilities and the modifications that need to be performed to reflect your requirements and sense of style.

3. Identifying the Best Value Solution for You

One of the greatest opportunities for success in business aviation is understanding the real cost of your jet and how long the project will take. Camber’s Streamline Method™ ensures you get a clear budget and realistic timelines from project start to the delivery of your aircraft.

4. Selecting the Exceptional

In many ways, finding a perfect aircraft is much like discovering the perfect watch. Maybe you want outward elegance, like a Cartier or Patek Phillipe, or possibly you’re looking for the strong and unmistakable lines of a Rolex or complexity of a Piaget. Look, function and fit are valuable. But beyond all, it is value that is admired.

Camber performs a detailed technical survey of the shortlisted jet, inspecting the aircraft and performing a thorough review of its historical and maintenance records. Our renowned survey report will highlight all issues and associated costs.

Once decided, we provide full technical back-up and guidance to reinforce you in the purchase negotiation process.

5. Outfitting Your Bespoke-Aircraft

Congratulations, you are a proud aircraft owner. Sit back and allow Camber to work our magic, ensuring the finished aircraft matches your vision. Our focus is on the details.

Whatever your need, from new-build completions and cabin refurbishments, to system upgrades and heavy maintenance management. Camber’s expertise and professionalism is invested to ensure your aircraft is outfitted to an exceptional quality and delivered on time and within budget. We are meticulous in our inspections and checks. The result is a bespoke private jet that reflects your style and values.

6. Crafting a Smooth Take-Off

Well before the aircraft is complete, we devise a plan to manage and operate your new jet. When the finished aircraft rolls out into the sunshine, the tailored solution crafted to your needs is already in place. All details are accounted for, from flight crew to operations, maintenance and support. From your inaugural flight everything is perfect, and you can concentrate on enjoying each and every trip.

Forget the Past.  Camber’s Streamline Method is the Future.

Camber’s method combines genuine, objective advisory and management services for the private jet industry.  It was developed from wisdom gained through decades of industry experience. We’ve encountered the best the industry had to offer and witnessed the pain that could have been prevented through well thought-out processes.

Our Streamline Method surpasses the results of conventional completion managers and delivers exceptional aircraft, your private jet.  Camber conscientiously restricts its capacity, focusing on a maximum two projects at a time, to ensure that our clients receive concierge service throughout their project.  A visionary client sets the entire process in motion. The Team looks forward to meeting you.