Testing, Certification and Delivery

Testing, Certification and Delivery

The most exacting phase of the project begins with the installation of the cabin.

This is the busiest part of the completion process, with multiple teams working to complete their tasks in preparation for the start of ground testing. Before the aircraft can fly, exhaustive testing is performed to ensure all cabin systems function correctly and aircraft systems are not affected by the cabin installation. Throughout this process, our team inspects all parts of the interior to ensure that quality standards and contractual specifications are met.

The regulatory authority will send inspectors to observe functional testing, review final drawing changes and participate in certification flight testing. Cabin certification is only achieved when documents are complete and all testing is successful.

Following completion of certification ground and flight testing, the Camber Team conducts its detailed technical acceptance program including final physical inspections, ground functional tests and flight testing of the aircraft. The completion centre is advised of all findings, however small, for correction prior to technical acceptance.

The completed aircraft is now ready for delivery to a very happy client and the start of operations.


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