Completion Centre Selection

The approved Cabin Specification and Request for Proposal are released together to shortlisted completion centres for bidding. These qualified centres have been shortlisted through an initial internal assessment to determine their ability to meet your quality, schedule, and budget expectations.

Completion centre proposals are analysed and recommendations presented to the owner for consideration and selection. The Camber Team will then assist the owner’s legal counsel in finalising the Completion Agreement, as well as obtaining the best conditions, pricing, recourse and payment schedule for the outfitting process.

The project schedule, including aircraft induction and delivery dates, milestones, progress payment triggers and delay penalties, is an essential piece of the negotiated Completion Agreement.



We develop a comprehensive Cabin Specification that details the cabin layout, systems, features, materials, and finishes that will be integrated into your aircraft. The Cabin Specification document, cabin weight target, expected completion timeline, and budget are developed in unison and presented to the owner for review. Once approved, the next step is to find the best completion centre for your aircraft.
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