Concept Creation

We work closely with our clients to define their requirements and transition their ideas into a solid concept before selecting a cabin designer to create the interior layout. Together, we will develop and refine your ideas, challenging the conventional and embracing innovation along the way.  In the end, you will have a cabin design that truly reflects your vision and expectations.

Specification Draft

A specification is drafted to capture the layout, aesthetics, and features of the future cabin. Considerable thought must be invested into the cabin’s intended purpose. Passengers may need to relax, work, collaborate, dine, or even sleep during a flight. Special attention is given to ease of maintenance during this phase to ensure a reliable cabin design. This is a creative and interactive process, which encourages the client to share ideas, guide Camber towards their vision, and make the final decisions when selecting a designer.

Communication and Entertainment Selection

Communication and entertainment systems are designed to be intuitive to use and help passengers combat boredom while flying. The market offers a variety of options, but there is always the possibility of making the wrong decision. We have the knowledge to help avoid wrong decisions and find the perfect communication and entertainment solution.

Interior Design and Arrangement

The style of dining, types of drinks, and special-request snacks served onboard will influence the equipment selection and layout of the galley. 

Colours, textures and materials are chosen to complement the cabin. This welcoming, comfortable, and well-designed space will be perfect for travelling on both short and long journeys.

Interior renderings are created to provide a realistic feel for the cabin design before work on a more detailed design begins. Often a digital 3D model of the cabin can be created, providing you with a virtual walk-through of the cabin and allowing you to gain a feeling for the layout, spaces and colour scheme. Animations of sunlight streaming through the windows and evening light through the windows help you envision sitting in your future cabin.

The exterior livery develops as the cabin is refined; its design will reflect the patterns, colours and theme the client has chosen.



Purchasing a large corporate jet is rarely an impulsive decision. It usually begins with a vision of your future cabin. The very idea is thrilling – to travel distant places in the comfort of a cabin that reflects your ambitions and your style. Now, you need experts who can guide you through the journey of making this concept a reality. Let us create together.
Concept Creation