5 Outstanding Ways to Make Your Private Jet Stand Out

A private jet is often viewed as a status symbol and luxury statement. But actually, it is a comfortable, convenient and safe way to travel that everyone aspires to, especially when considering long-haul airline flights. Inconvenient flight times, cramped seating, bad coffee and a lack of privacy are arguments you cannot dispute. A private jet can relieve you from these discomforts while saving you time while offering you so much more. Here are the 5 essential ideas to reshape the cabin of your private jet for the ultimate flying pleasure.

You would be surprised to find out how many private jet owners don’t use the benefit of owning a private jet to the full extent. What’s the point of having this ultimate asset if you are still changing your seating position every 15 minutes to avoid a slight cramp during your 7-hour flight. Jet owners can do so much to turn their travels into the laid-back time after which they can feel refreshed and relaxed. Without further ado, let’s see what can be done in terms of comfort.

Cushion Up Your Flights

There are many options you introduce to increase the level of comfort in your cabin. The first thing you should to think about is the number of seats. If you have an interior designed for 12 passengers, for example, it is very important you should consider having more than 12 seating positions. You see, the number of passenger seats certified for take-off and landing (“TTOL”) determines the maximum number of passengers that can be safely carried.  Modern seat designs not only look better than traditional business jet seats, they are much more capable and supportive.  Additional non-TTOL seats can be installed to provide passengers with alternate places to sit in flight – perhaps as a desk or on a very comfy lounge.  This enhances passenger comfort significantly. We can also talk about the seats themselves – a private jet allows you to have a more organic seat shape. Think about something in a form of “S” shape, following and cradling your back. And that’s not all. Cleverly designed divans can be installed that are not the classic, up-right rectangular shapes. Instead, they can have a rounder shape with the ability to pull your feet up and transform into a modern sofa much like you’d have in your home. The possibilities are out there and there really is no reason whatsoever to continue to have a regular seat in your jet any longer. Your back and feet will thank you immediately for this intervention.  

Serve Always Something Fresh and Good

You may be the kind of person that really doesn’t mind re-heated airplane food. But your passengers would most likely enjoy a pleasant meal with good company. Perhaps you would enjoy having small amounts of food across the day, to nibble your way through the flight. Something light – perhaps tapas or delicious appetizers. But you can design your lounge with a dining area for memorable sit down meals. Your galley can be laid-out to reflect your taste, serving your favorable dishes and snacks. So, if you’d like to buy food from a well-known catering or restaurant at the departure point, your jet galley can keep it fresh until it can be heated in the galley’s  steam oven. Alternatively if you want a baked cake or fresh cookies on board, then a dry oven that can do for you. In terms of cooking fresh food, inductive ovens,  and perhaps an induction cooktop allow your chef to cook the wonderful  recipes you love. These features are actually important  for vegetarians looking to have very fresh and healthy meals. As for drinks, today you can have an extremely well-made espresso with an on-board espresso maker that will challenge the espressos at your favourite cafe.  Also you can make the various mixed drinks if you wish to indulge in alcohol, you would have a wine refrigerator on board which is set up to make sure champagne, whites and reds are served at their optimum temperatures.

Air-Entertainment Like Never Before

When it comes to entertainment on board, the sky is really the limit today. You can create an incredible in-flight movie theatre experiences. Exceptional Dolby™ surround sound combined with large format 4K monitors can now be easily integrated into an aircraft cabin. Of course, if you don’t want to disturb your fellow passengers, wireless Bluetooth headphones can be the solution, while enjoying fantastic audio.

New generation music and video on demand systems ensure that the latest entertainment is available on large-format monitors or streamed directly to your device.  Of course, video game consoles can immerse you in your favourite game, exactly the same as on ground.

Cabin Sleep Set Up

How do we sleep on board? In many situations, sleeping on an aircraft tends to put you in an uncomfortable position, often not getting a terribly good rest. Sleeping on board usually means trying to get comfortable in a seat that hasn’t really be designed for sleeping. Often, an air mattress is placed on the seat to fill in the bumps.  Some people find this comfortable, but most don’t. There are plenty of ways to vastly improve the sleep you and your guests get in your jet. Now you can have a special single seat designed for sleeping or possibly two seats are put together for a large flat surface topped with a soft futon. The second option is to use a divan which expands into a very nice flat sleeping surface. And then there is of course the private suite with a bed guaranteed for sweet dreams in flight.

Special Add-ons for Your Jet

In terms of special features that may come to your mind to make your flights more enjoyable. Consider for a moment having a shower high above the clouds.  A shower that can easily turn into a steam room or hammam  with a wide marble seat to sit on and enjoy a very luxurious hot steam bath. This feature can relax before sleep and invigorate you before landing.

Why work on a dining table when you can have a private desk and chair, either in a separate room or, as we’ve seen in more recent BBJ and ACJ designs, integrated into the main lounge.

Speaking of tables, a different set of tables can also be incorporated in the overall cabin design, such as massage table, coffee table or even a mahjong table if you are a fan of that facinating game. The features that can be incorporated into your cabin are only limited to your imagination and, of course, what can be safely certified. The experts at Camber Aviation can tell you a story or several about innovative and unique features that they are developing  for their clients. Essentially, with your imagination and Camber’s expertise, your vision of a perfect cabin can become reality, whether on your current jet or the one that you’re dreaming of.