Benefits of Owning a Private Jet Can Push Your Business to New Limits

Purchasing a private jet might just give your business the boost it needs. It may sound like a huge endeavor, but have you ever really considered the benefits of owning a business aircraft? For many companies private jets are not a luxury item, but rather an essential tool used to increase business efficiency. A business aircraft gives you more control over your schedule, enables your team to be more productive with their time, and provides enhanced security while traveling.

Manage Your Time Efficiently  

Passengers traveling commercially, on average, spend at least  90 minutes waiting at an airport for domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights. Travelling by private aircraft eliminates almost all of the time spent waiting for a flight. Private jet passengers can arrive at the terminal 15 minutes before departure and still have time to complete travel procedures like immigration, customs, and boarding.  Some, however, like to arrive a little earlier to enjoy  fresh coffee, a snack and a conversation before boarding. 

Business jets also allow your management team to maximize their productivity while onboard. Team members can use the high-performance internet offered to complete any work they may have. For companies who consider time as valuable as money, this is one of the biggest benefits of owning a private jet.

Private travel provides the freedom to fly anywhere according to your own schedule. This is ideal for passengers who are always on the go or for those who often need to travel at short notice. Private aircraft can be arranged within a few hours and passengers can reschedule their flights as needed. With travel policies constantly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this flexibility is more valuable than ever.

Considerable Increase in Operational Productivity 

Each company has their own explanation for deciding to embrace of private aviation. However, almost all businesses cite increased operational efficiency as one of the main benefits of owning a private jet. These aircraft not only allow companies to fly on their own schedule, but also provide access to significantly more airports (many of which are not served by commercial airlines), ensuring  that you and your team members can land at the airport closest to your destination.

If your team is constantly organizing meetings in different cities across the country, then a private jet can provide incredible cost-saving advantages. While a trip between several cities using commercial airlines could easily take a week, with a business aircraft, you can reach multiple destinations in a single day. Instead of paying for hotels and meals, all of your meetings can happen in one day and the entire team can be back home in time for dinner.

A private jet can also be used to safely transport tools and materials. The flexibility that these aircraft offer allows critical items – including specialists to perform repairs – to be moved to where they are needed fast and efficiently, saving time, money and headaches.   This enables your team to move quickly and solve urgent problems with the tools they need.

Working productively on a commercial flight is almost impossible. Even sending an email can be difficult with poor internet connection, distractions all around you, and absolutely no privacy.

Private aviation is just that…private. The only people on board are the ones who have been invited. This provides a quiet environment for your team to go over important details for an upcoming meeting, discuss company strategies, and actually complete meaningful work while in the air. 

The privacy of a business aircraft also helps passengers better relax while onboard. You can choose to sit wherever you would like, move freely around the cabin, and comfortable beds can be arranged for overnight flights. Entertainment systems will vary depending on the aircraft, but most provide a way for travelers to listen to music, watch movies, and enjoy satellite TV. 

Top Class Security for Your Top Management Team

One of the most important reasons so many companies prefer traveling by private jet is the added security. Business aircraft allow employees to have meetings and work on important material in a secure environment. Employees can openly discuss proprietary information without the fear of eavesdropping. Passengers who feel they are easily recognizable also appreciate the security of private jets, where they can travel in peace without interruptions. (In some cases, high-profile passengers choose to travel privately to avoid threats on their physical safety.)

Private jet charters provide more security and privacy than all other forms of travel. This level of security is important for key business deals, mergers/acquisitions, recruitment of top talent, and other highly sensitive business meetings.

Over time, a private jet can actually end up helping to drive sales and profit growth. Reports  have shown that S&P 500 companies who use private aviation will outperform those who don’t by 70% and beat non-users in revenue growth by 23%. A private jet might be the one thing you still need to drive your business even farther forward. 

Our team of private aviation experts are always available to help you identify the optimum aircraft for your business needs.