Year in Review

A Few Words From our CEO

Every stop in life is the chance for a new beginning. Recently, the airline industry came to an abrupt stop, with many flights cancelled and certain flight routes ceasing to exist. At the beginning of the pandemic, airline travel was virtually impossible, and, for a moment, the industry paused to reflect instead of making quick decisions. We took our time to understand the gravity of the situation and carefully prepared ourselves for what we now know was one of the most productive years in the history of private aviation. In 2021, business aviation became an appealing option to a whole new class of premium passengers who previously may never have considered private flights.

During the extended solemn moment of silence that was the global lockdown, society became more attuned with new perspectives and priorities. Private aviation was quickly recognised by many as the safest and most reliable way of traveling during an epidemiological pandemic. However, private jets provided new customers with not only hygienic conditions and efficient travel but also with a way to express themselves while flying. This year we welcomed many new customers who were seeking the option for true customisation and the opportunity to make their aircraft an extension of their lifestyle. We took the time to show our clients how aircraft cabin designs today can closely resemble bespoke luxury apartments (with the luxuries and modern amenities), breaking stereotypes about what a cabin should look like. For example, depending on aircraft size, cabins can come equipped with professional kitchens, which allow chefs to prepare memorable meals, and personal wellness amenities which may include a massage table and a luxury steam shower.

One of the most satisfying feelings in life is finding the perfect outfit that fits you and your sense of style like a glove. Something like this is extremely difficult to find in stores, only a tailor can create a piece of clothing with this level of customisation. We work tirelessly as aircraft tailors to ensure our clients receive the personalisation they are expecting with each cabin design or refurbishment. We always ask important questions, like: What do your passengers need? What is important to them? Who are they really? We invest time into truly trying to understand who our clients are, what is important to them, and how to best provide a unique solution that will fulfill all of their needs. Only when we feel like we absolutely understand our client can we begin to customise every small piece of the aircraft cabin to fit our client’s preferences.

This past year, Camber feels incredibly lucky to have been introduced to so many new people. The demand for business travel rose exponentially because traveling by private jet travel offered safety and social distancing procedures that could not be matched by any commercial airlines. With the effects of the pandemic still lingering, private jets provide the perfect travel solution. You fly directly to your destination and choose who flies with you. You will also safely and quickly finish all immigration processes and vaccination checks. While the demand for private aviation has grown organically, we took great pleasure in having the opportunity to serve so many new and interesting clients.

Now that we have had a moment to stop and reflect on the past year, we feel excited for what lies ahead. Our team is eager to provide our clients with new custom private jet solutions that will embody their stylistic vision and assist in achieving their life aspirations. I’m confident that the new year marked the beginning of a new journey, both for Camber and the private aviation industry as a whole.

Supporting Perseverance – Camber Backs Young Canadian Mountain Bike Racer

Perseverance always makes a difference. It is determination that pushes us to overcome difficult times and excel beyond our limits. For us at Camber Aviation Management, it is highly important to invest in our community and in future generations. Coen Skrypnek is one of the best under 17 downhill mountain bike racers in the world. We were proud to be an official sponsor of this promising 17-year-old mountain bike racer from our hometown of Squamish (British Columbia, Canada), supporting him on his 2021 European Tour.

The previous year, in the depths of the COVID crisis, there were few opportunities to compete, so Coen focused on his training, on sunny days, but also in the depths of winter, in the cold rain and sleet, he worked on his lines, on his strength and confidence. The results were impressive, with Coen earning a spot in the 2021 World Cup Tour. With stops in Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and the USA, he finally had a chance to face the best racers in his category.

With plenty of confidence and a charming smile, Coen never faltered in spirit. He raced hard, overcame some significant challenges including bursting a tire in the final third of one race and yet still completing. We are confident that, with our support, we are helping to lay the foundation for Coen’s future successes. After all, whoever conquers the tough Squamish trails like Dirty Jane and Larvicide, will be someone to look out for on the race circuit.

The A220 Corporate Cabin Concept Won the Award for “The Best Private Jet Design/Concept”

One of life’s greatest rewards is seeing your work bring pleasure to someone, but every once in a while it is also satisfying to be recognised for your efforts. Together with our partners Pierrejean Vision and Kestrel Aviation Management, we received the prestigious award for the best Private Jet Design Concept at The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021 presented by leading interior design magazine “design et al”. After months of deliberation and voting, our A220 Corporate Cabin Concept has announced the winner, crowning a successful partnership representing over 18 months of time invested in detailed design work on this project. Our A220 Corporate Cabin Concept selected the Airbus A220 (formerly the Bombardier C Series) as the conversion platform because it met four important criteria:

  • modern, state-of-the-art technology comparable to competitors,
  • cabin volume equivalent to the Airbus A319Neo or Boeing BBJ Max7,
  • exceptional take-off performance from hot, high, and short runways, and
  • the ability to adapt the passenger cabin into a bespoke private aircraft layout
  • There were many objectives for our concept beginning with its unique seven-zone modular layout. Each cabin was composed of three fixed zones (entrance/galley, lavatory/wardrobe, private suite with ensuite washroom) and four variable zones.

The design had to be innovative, clearly differentiate itself from competitors, including state-of-the-art systems/materials, and provide options for cabin aesthetic customisation. The teams were tasked with reducing the overall elapsed time of cabin outfitting, while also reducing the weight of the cabin by at least 30% compared to legacy designs. Teams also worked hard to reduce product support costs post-EIS, achieve greater reliability through the utilisation of common parts, and solidify a well-thought-out, production‐ready modular design.

At the award ceremony in Venice, Thomas Chatfield, CEO of Camber, accepted the award on behalf of all of the partners. During his speech, he said:

“Business, as in life, is only truly successful when we have great partners. Camber Aviation Management was fortunate to work together with our amazing partners, Pierrejean Vision, Kestrel Aviation Management, F/List and Flying Colours. Together we created a cabin design that clearly caught the eyes of many. Thank you for recognising our hard work and vision.”

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our immense gratitude to all of our business partners, colleagues, clients and all of our voters for their continuous support of our work. Thank you all for being a part of our success in 2021!

Thomas Chatfield Joins the Davi Audio Advisory Board and the IASO Board of Directors

The past year has been an exciting time for Camber Aviation Management’s CEO and aviation expert, Thomas Chatfield, as he became the newest board member of The International Aviation Services Organization (IASO) and Davi Audio.

IASO is a global nonprofit professional industry forum for airport and aviation service providers. The organisation acts as a parent association for all aviation service companies worldwide, consulting on issues and developing best-practice policies for the entire industry.

Davi Audio, Inc., a new US-based high-tech electronics manufacturer with its team of industry veterans preparing to launch its groundbreaking line of Extraordinary Handcrafted Personal Audio. Davì Audio creates the first true luxury bespoke personal audio products befitting of the VVIP aircraft experience.

With an exceptional global reputation for his unmatched experience in large-cabin business jets and ACJ/BBJ refurb/completion management, Tom will be a key resource to the boards of both respected organisations.

New Cooperation with Wall Street Luxury Europe

At Camber Aviation Management, we carefully choose our business partners. Working in the private jet industry and with UHNWI clients requires standards of excellence. You must always strive to surpass your client’s expectations and that means only partnering with the very best. Wall Street Luxury Group is a full-service platform for sales and a key partner for sellers and buyers of luxury products and services. We are delighted to start our new partnership with Wall Street Luxury Europe. This cooperation is a direct response to the increasing number of requests to assist our UHNWI clients in transforming their vision of a perfect private jet into reality, customised to reflect their needs and sense of style. We are absolutely confident that Camber Aviation Management, in collaboration with Wall Street Luxury Europe, will be able to provide the best possible support to WSLE and deliver outstanding private jet solutions.