Five Good Reasons Your Business Should Own a Private Jet and One Big Reason It Should Not

This is it! You’ve finally found an article that can help you make the decision to take the big leap and buy your first private jet! Before you stop reading this or scroll ahead with excitement, let us be upfront with the reality of the situation – a large purchase like this will never be an easy decision. However, if you have ever considered owning your own aircraft, there has never been a better time to take that step. This article will be a great starting point to inspire your thinking process. We will provide you with the most compelling arguments for expanding your business through jet ownership, and one really good reason why it’s probably too early for you to make that call.

You Can Afford It

Yes, it is as simple as that. New aircraft prices can range up to unfathomable altitudes, some with price tags as high as 500 million dollars. While many people imagine one of these flying castles when they hear the term “private jet”, in reality, your business probably needs something much different. For example, you should consider a smaller jet size if you want the ability to operate out of small airports and travel with few limits. New aircraft are incredibly expensive, but you can save money by purchasing a highly capable pre-owned aircraft and upgrading/customising with all the amenities of the latest model business jet ready to use for years to come. Many owners decide to change their aircraft after only 3 to 5 years of service. Therefore, this is a readily available option that could save you a substantial amount of money. The most common reason people shy away from pre-owned jets is the complex refurbishing process and intimidating inspection procedures. However, with an expert management team, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Correct management could easily allow you to benefit both financially and stylistically from investment in a pre-owned jet.

It’s Not About Luxury, It’s About Not Having a Luxury of Time

The ability to use time efficiently is one of the most valuable skills any business should perfect. No matter how small or big, each company is in the race against time. While actually winning in a race against time is impossible, owning a private jet would certainly give you an extra advantage.

Your executive team will appreciate the added productivity your private jet will provide. You will save countless hours normally lost to waiting in long lines at terminals. Your passengers will be able to complete all travel procedures and boarding minutes before their flight. Without the stress of navigating an airport, you relax and enjoy some extra time with your family before your leave or use the time to prepare for the big meeting ahead. The time saved when using a private jet doesn’t end there of course. The process of arriving at your destination is also much easier. Landing with a private jet feels a lot like traveling by taxi and arriving directly at the front door of exactly where you wanted to go. Additionally, you can land at many airports where commercial flights are not allowed, opening the door to more options than ever.

Private jets also have the unique ability to travel to multiple locations and return you to your home in one day, if needed. This is an extraordinary feat, saving time that can be invested more productive business than waiting in airport while providing you with incredible savings on hotel expenses.

Time is an immeasurable asset. Your team, business partners, and your family will thank you for all the extra time they get to spend with you after your private jet purchase. That is the greatest benefit of all, don’t you think?

Extra Productivity Will Help Your Business Grow  

Have you ever tried to actually get some work done on a commercial flight? If yes, then you know it can be a terrible experience. There is not a meditation technique in existence that can help you find the inner serenity to overcome all of the distractions happening around you. With no privacy whatsoever, it’s often better to try to sleep through your flight and hope you can get some work done later. Private flights, however, are the complete opposite. They are designed to create an environment hand-tailored to the needs of you and your team. Your aircraft is essentially a flying office. With good connectivity onboard, great coffee, and some nice snacks, you and your team can be equally as productive as on the ground. You can prepare for a meeting, discuss business strategies, or simply take the time to relax in a quiet and private environment. While it may sound obvious, it absolutely rings true: a private jet equal private time.

Operate Like You’re Always Playing with a  Home Court Advantage

Your jet will save time and amplify your business’ productivity, but it will become much more than just your private transportation vehicle. The aircraft cabin will be the place you feel confident and in command. Zoom meetings cannot come close to matching the added benefits provided by a private jet. Imagine you can have every important business meeting physically together with your partners, on board your aircraft.  This is a really powerful advantage. You can simply land at your destination and meet with your client, supplier or the team you are negotiating with, over a meal in your jet.  No taxi rides or extra time spent on the ground. Your aircraft will always work in your favour, giving you the extra edge at the exact times you need it most. A private jet is like a reliable friend, you never know when you will need them, but you always know they’re ready to support you.

Let Us Not Forget Safety

Last but not least, we must discuss the added level of safety that comes with jet ownership. With the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has become more challenging than ever. However, when using a private jet, you can rest easy knowing each of your passengers is safe. They will have greater space in the cabin, direct flights, and arrive/depart using small and less frequented airports. It is an attractive alternative to commercial travel. Corporate aviation offers efficient, convenient and safe travel especially between destinations that are not currently served by the airlines. Creating a  risk-free environment for travel is only possible with private transportation. This is an undeniable fact and now, more than ever, is one of the most important arguments in favor of deciding to own a jet.

One Reason Why You Should Probably Wait to Buy a Jet

Regardless of how comfortable you feel financially, you should still think very carefully before purchasing an aircraft. Ultimately, your decision can be boiled down to one question – do you really need it? As a general rule of thumb, if you are only flying between 50 and 100 hours per year, chartering an aircraft is your best option. While chartering continues to be an option if you fly more than 100 hours annually, fractional ownership may be a better choice. Frequent flyers exceeding 250 flight hours or more annually are the perfect candidates for private aircraft purchases. Future jet owners should consider above all else the cost of the jet, maintenance expenses, and general frequency of use. However, many private jet owners elect to charter their aircraft while they are not using it to counterbalance some of the costs of ownership. This is a decision that has the potential to change the trajectory of your business in major ways. That’s why you should always feel comfortable consulting with experts about what kind of jet will best suit your needs. Making that phone call is a smart and easy first decision to make.