AvBuyer: How to Future-proof Your Jet’s Avionics

Camber Aviation Management CEO, Tom Chatfield, was recently featured in an article by Gerrard Cowan in AvBuyer. Tom delves into the pivotal role that avionics play in the operation of business jets, particularly emphasizing their impact on safety and performance. He also sheds light on how today’s increasingly sophisticated systems are offering compelling value. Notably, he highlights the contributions of major aircraft manufacturers in modernizing features like fly-by-wire flight controls and expansive touchscreen displays. Tom also dives into advancements in head-up guidance (HUG), a technology that is revolutionizing approaches and landings.

“Business jet avionics have always been focused on two main goals: enhancing safety and increasing capabilities. From a human factors perspective, these goals must also reduce pilot workload.”

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