2023 Unwrapped: Past Reflections & Future Horizons

We’ve already stepped into 2024, but it’s still worthwhile to pause and look back on 2023 — a year that was, by all measures, both challenging and exhilarating. In a world rapidly evolving and adapting to unprecedented shifts, 2023 was not merely about responding to change, or passively accepting a ‘new normal’. Instead, it was about actively shaping a better future, building on our collective experiences and propelled by the spirit of forward-thinking and the collective ambition to redefine the skies. The past twelve months have been a testament to the unyielding pursuit of excellence within the aviation sector. We’ve witnessed barriers being dismantled, new horizons being charted, and a reinvigorated commitment to sustainability and diversity that promises to elevate our industry to unprecedented heights. 

As we take this retrospective voyage through 2023, it’s good to take note of the accomplishments that have marked both Camber’s journey and the wider aviation industry.

Colin Chatfield, Camber Photographer

The new year opened with welcoming Colin Chatfield to Camber as our aviation photographer. His visual style and keen eye for composition makes him a valuable addition to the team, helping elevate Camber’s  visual narrative to new levels.  January also marked a significant milestone for our leadership as our CEO Tom Chatfield was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Canadore College Foundation. This appointment not only honours Tom’s longstanding commitment to education but also reinforces our belief in the power of community contribution and the enduring impact of mentorship on future generations. 

YAA Awards 2023 Shortlist

In February, our collaboration with the talented Alexander Craker was recognised with a spot on the shortlist for the ‘Private Jet Design – Concept Award’ at the 2023 International Yacht and Aviation Awards. The ‘Longtail’ project, which channels the elegance of classic yachts and the bespoke charm of a one-of-a-kind Rolls Royce, was a labour of love and a testament to our belief that an aircraft should be as unique as the individual who owns it.  

As spring unfolded, we celebrated International Women’s Day with a salute to the trailblazing women in private aviation, spotlighted by Forbes. Their stories not only inspired but also mirrored Camber’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where talent knows no gender. We’re also championing movements that support the industry’s ambitious pledge to zero carbon emissions by 2050. A roadmap outlined in an article by Robb Report suggests this goal could be pursued through the development of electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft, increased use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and more efficient air traffic control systems. 

In April we celebrated a significant milestone for Tom Chatfield. The President’s Club Dinner (a community event that supports Canadore College’s scholarship programs) made a return after a three-year hiatus, raising $83,500 for the Million Dollar Fund.  Tom was inducted into the Canadore Foundation’s Hall of Fame, an honour that speaks volumes about his contributions and character. Tom’s leadership and spirit drives the Camber team and we look forward to the continued inspiration he brings to both our team and the broader community. 

In May, we were proud to share that we’ve been entrusted with managing the completion of the first turn-key Airbus ACJ220 developed and delivered by ACJ, with Comlux performing the outfitting.  We’re delighted to have a pivotal role in this project, providing insights and guidance that will, no doubt, result a an even more capable private jet.

 International Yacht and Aviation Awards in Venice

The summer brought with it the International Yacht and Aviation Awards in Venice. Despite not clinching the top spot, we stood tall among industry giants like Boeing and Gulfstream, proud of our creative entry and the collective brilliance of our peers. This recognition reaffirmed our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation within the private aviation sector. 

July brought Coen Skrypnek’s inspirational journey to the forefront. Coen is a talented athlete sponsored by Camber as he competes in international mountain bike races. His story, marked by triumph and tribulation alike, resonates with our core values, and we are always proud to share his narrative and celebrate the spirit of determination that propels us all forward. 

As the heat of August set in, we looked at the rise of private aviation in a post-pandemic world with a growing number of travellers, from executives to families, turning to private jets for their peace of mind, control over their environment, and the sheer efficiency they offer. These are not just luxury purchases; they’re thoughtful investments in personal health and time management. We’ve taken great care to ensure each aircraft reflects this ethos, crafting spaces that are safe, private, and tailored to each client’s needs. The trend towards private aviation is more than a reaction to recent global events—it’s a conscious choice for a more personalized way to travel that we believe will continue to take flight. 

September saw the beginning of a collaboration between Tom Chatfield and Freshbook with the “Airborne Café” series of articles. We were thrilled to see Tom share his expertise and offer readers a glimpse into the inner workings of private aviation  and to foster collaborations that result in new ideas and forward-thinking solutions for our industry.  

Tina Szylowski is project manager at Camber Aviation Management, a Canadian company specialising in large aircraft VIP/VVIP cabin completions and refurbishments.

In October, we saw our Project Manager, Tina Szylowski, recognised by Runway Girl Network for her accomplishments. Tina’s feature shone a light on her ability to navigate the complexities of aviation design and engineering, while her enthusiasm for her work and the importance of supportive mentors underscored the importance of a constructive learning environment for professional advancement.  

Innovation took center stage again in November when Robb Report featured our collaboration with Callies Grafe Design: the World Traveler concept for the Boeing 777. This concept is a bold reimagining of luxury air travel, with a design that promises to redefine the standards of comfort and elegance at altitude. It is a powerful representation of our vision for the future—where every journey is as remarkable as the destination. 

As the year ended, one standout moment was the announcement of Virgin Atlantic’s successful tests using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel in civil aero engines, showcasing the potential for SAF to power flight without compromising engine performance. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the journey towards Jet Zero, offering a glimpse into a future where aviation’s carbon footprint diminishes significantly.  

As 2024 starts to take shape, we at Camber Aviation Management find ourselves looking back on a year that’s been full of growth, challenges, and some truly memorable moments.

As projects like the ACJ220 began to take shape and our efforts continue to gain recognition at industry events, we’ve been constantly reminded of the ethos that drives our work. It goes deeper than leveraging new technologies and materials or selecting the best vendors for our clients, instead we make our choices and execute our work with style, care, and a profound respect for the craft of aviation design. This mindful approach is what truly provides our clients with the absolute best results. It’s a commitment to excellence that goes beyond the superficial, reflecting a passion that can’t be encapsulated by any trophy or title. 

In addition, we’ve made a commitment to move towards a cleaner way of flying that doesn’t come at the expense of the world below. And it’s about people—like our CEO, Tom Chatfield, and every member of our team—who lead by example and make us proud to be a part of this family. 

The stories of tenacity and talent, like those of Coen Skrypnek and Tina Szylowski, aren’t just inspiring—they’re a reminder of why we do what we do. They show us that with knowledge, support and determination, there’s really no limit to what can be achieved.  

As we move further into 2024, it’s these real, human experiences from the past year that will guide us forward. We’re excited to keep sharing our journey with you, to keep learning, improving, and finding ways to make flying an experience that’s truly special.